Our Services


Tax and Financial Auditing

Our service surpasses the approaches of traditional audit firms and companies. The accumulated experience and the state-of-the-art technology we use allow us to have a broader vision of the auditable elements. Our financial auditors inform the client about the congruence that exists between the figures and the economic facts of the financial statements of your company, in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standards (NIF). We perform each job with adequate supervision and based on a complete understanding of the business.

Audit services
- Financial statements for tax and financial purposes
- Of local contributions
- Internal control
- Accounting experts


Social Security protects workers' means of subsistence and guarantees the right to health, medical care and a pension. It is the responsibility of the employer to contribute to this function of the State through the payment of contributions. For this reason, in order to avoid differences for the employers, which may result in surcharges, updates or fines, we offer advice and planning in these areas through our services such as:

- Audit on the compliance of labor/employer obligations before the IMSS and INFONAVIT. INFONAVIT.
- Advice on IMSS and INFONAVIT matters.
- Procedures before the IMSS and INFONAVIT, such as refunds of improper payments, confirmation of criteria, attention to requirements issued, pension procedures.
- Elaboration and filing of means of defense: appeals, annulment trials and amparos, through strategic associates.


Accounting Services

Given the constant changes in Mexican tax legislation, both companies and individuals require accounting and tax advice in all tax areas. Our tax experts offer a wide range of accounting and tax services so that each client complies, in due time and form, with its tax obligations and obtains the maximum benefits from the current legal provisions.

Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting practice, oriented towards people, processes and the whole business, provides global strategies to cover the needs of Management, Administration, Systems and Financial Information to medium and small companies.

We provide services in:
Business and process restructuring.
Formulation of budgets and fiscal projections.
Evaluation of investment projects.
Advice to management through periodic meetings.
Tax and legal consulting.
Financial and administrative consulting.


Legal Services

We provide Legal Services through our strategic associates, among which are specialists in the corporate areas and in the field of law.

We offer, among other services:
- Attention of controversies or litigation of fiscal and administrative nature before tax or tributary entities competent in the matter.
- Study, preparation and presentation of requests for the expiration and prescription of tax obligations or credits and their accessories, tax refunds, compensations, agreements for the payment of taxes, tax interest guarantees, among others.